amazonian lady

Introducing the Amazonian Lady, a uniquely entertaining singer songwriter ready to blaze a trail at Melbourne Fringe 2000

Take one gusty soulful voice, mix with passionate lyrics, add a generous helping of colourful melodies and a delightful dash of piano and you get the one-woman band of the new millenium – The Amazonian Lady! Now you have the opportunity to see Andrea Barnett really let loose on the stage, and incidentally to find out why she is The Amazonian Lady. Andrea’s poignant pop outpourings range from emotive ballads of unrequited love to quirky ditties that find humour in the mundanity of daily life. Her diva voice blends with the accompaniment to create an intensely pleasurable feast for the ears. The Amazonian Lady excites pathos with her audience, taking them on a roller coaster ride through the complex and unpredictable terrain of human emotion. Whatever you are doing this October, don’t miss the ride!!

Where: Cherry Tree Hotel, 53 Balmain St Richmond 3121

When: Tuesday 3rd October, Wednesday 4th October,

Thursday 5th October, 8pmTickets: $5.00 at the door, BARGAIN!!!

Welcome to the Fringe Festival 2000, the Cherry Tree and to the Amazonian Lady experience. Tonight you will hear songs written and performed by Andrea Barnett: La la la la, Tiny Blue Flame, Heroine, Dear Steve, Baby Tawk, That n’This, When I Lived Alone, Who Invited Guilt to Stay, Amazonian Lady, Stay.

Many thanks to those behind the scenes: Trinette Barnett door bitch, Mario Iacobaccio sound man, Sue McNeil amazonian voice coach, John Murphy ace photographer.